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Colonel Robert L. Howard Veterans Home Visit, Pell City

June 15, 2021

We were THRILLED to host our 1st Adopt-A-Thon at our local veterans home! 

The smiles on the faces of the American Harbor residents as they chose their "pet" (stuffed animal) to adopt made all of our planning worth every minute!  These "pets" included lambs, monkeys, pigs, llamas, turtles, roosters, a bison, donkeys, cats, dogs, and so many more!  Each resident received an Adoption Certificate and a framed picture of them with their new furry friend!  

Special thanks to Pell City Animal Hospital AND Sandi Paws Rescue for partnering to sponsor this AWESOME event!  And to those in our community who supported the adopt-a-thon by the MANY stuffed animals that you donated, THANK YOU!!!