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Eden Elementary Visit

March 12, 2020

What better way to help little ones understand about Pet Care than a visit from someone who has chosen a career as  a Licensed Veterinary Technician AND Groomer?  When Eden Elementary called Pell City Animal Hospital and asked if Jayme would visit with these K-4 students, she readily agreed!

Dressed in their PCAH t-shirts, Jayme, Lyla, and Squishy headed to school to talk about Pet Safety including how to approach a dog or cat you are not familiar with, where to pet that dog or cat, and signs that an animal might not be receptive to human interaction. 

Jayme brought along her stethoscope and Lyla was the perfect patient to let each student listen to the thump-thump of her heart!  Oh the smiles we saw!!  We left the 30+ students with coloring pages that they could make into an animal mobile!  THANKS for a great visit Eden Elementary!