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Is Your Cat Getting the Care They Deserve?

August 28, 2019

When was the last time your cat saw the vet?

If you can't remember, chances are it's been too long! If you can remember, that's great! We hope you said it's been in the past year (and that another yearly appointment is already scheduled!). Cats need annual wellness care just like dogs do. Yet, due to the independent nature of cats and their ability to masterfully hide illnesses, cats rarely get the wellness care they need and deserve. Additionally, the mere stress of getting cats to the vet, and the anxiety of being in an animal hospital, can all seem counterintuitive to their well-being. That's why Pell City Animal Hospital aims to create better experiences for cats when they're in our hospital so you can feel even better about bringing them in!

What's Included in a Cat Wellness Exam?

Each wellness exam we perform is unique to your pet. And in a general sense, an exam for a cat will be different than one for a dog! Typically, a cat exam will include these elements:

  • Giving your cat time to get comfortable. Once we escort you and your cat to your exam room, we'll give your cat time to get accustomed to their environment before handling them. We may open the door to their carrier or take the lid completely off, if possible, to encourage exploration.
  • When your cat is sufficiently comfortable, we'll begin the exam. Our veterinarians are skilled in gentle cat handling-which often means less is more! While it may look like we're just petting your cat, we're actually conducting a thorough physical exam!
  • Talking with you. You know your cat best and are privy to their behavior at home. If you've noticed any changes, such as your cat hiding more often than usual, any change in their stool or urine, or more frequent trips to the litter box, tell us! Even the most subtle of changes could be signs of big problems.
  • Feline solutions for feline problems. Nope, cats are certainly not "small dogs"! If we do find an underlying disease or condition in your cat, they'll be treated with feline-specific medicine to ensure their long-term health and well-being. Additionally, we have surgical equipment and protocols that take your cat's unique needs into mind.

Why Schedule an Appointment Annually?

Cats can conceal a serious illness for a long time until it progresses to later (and more dangerous) stages of disease. To prevent this, annual wellness exams are needed. Since cats age so much faster than we do, they can also develop conditions and illnesses faster, but wellness exams keep us ahead of the curve. Additionally, annual vet visits give us the chance to review your cat's vaccination protocol and administer any needed boosters. And one last thing-annual visits help you develop a closer rapport with your veterinarian who, after getting to know your cat, can better answer your questions about their health and behavior.

So, remember our first question? If your cat is due for a wellness visit (hint: they haven't been to the vet for a year or more), contact us today at (205) 884-4104!